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Energy prices keep rising and so do your bills. There are two main reasons people purchase solar systems. First is to lessen one's carbon footprint and help the enviornment. The second and more common reason is to save money and all types of solar ultimately aim towards that goal. GO Builders solar division is headed by one of the top installers in the country who has traveled across the country and out of the country to build small and large system alike. Whether you're a homeowner looking to zero out your power bill or a community thinking about a solar farm to help offset power costs, GO Builders can deliver . We use only the highest quality parts and our meticulous nature does not waiver. We purchase all of our solar parts and equipment from UMA Solar because they've been in business for 35 years and are still delivering excellent products and services. If your solar products come from UMA Solar then you know you have the best.

Photo Voltaic

Protect yourself from rising power costs and protect yourself from power outages with a battery backup system.

(Domestic Hot Water)

Let the sun do the work and save up to 90% on your hot water costs.


Save yourself hundreds of dollars a year in pool heating costs by going with pool solar.

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